"Tenders.ch" - Delivers Relevant Business Opportunities in Real-Time

What is "Tenders.ch"? The intelligent database "Tenders.ch" is scanning worldwide tenders and other business opportunities. "Tenders.ch" selects automatically relevant business opportunities and alerts you immediately.

Who made "Tenders.ch"? "Tenders.ch" is provided by Eurospider Information Technology AG in cooperation with Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly Osec).

Free services:
  • Ticker for incoming business opportunities.
  • Browser for recent business opportunities with filtering and search functions.
More services available for subscribers:
  • "Tenders.ch" alerts whenever a new business opportunity matches your specific interest.
  • Profile manager to formulate and revise your business interests.
  • Self-learning profiles taking into account your relevance assessments.
  • Browsing/Filtering/Searching the entire archive.
New user? Register now! Free access to the entire database for a trial period! Tutorial for the registration process (PDF).