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Incoming Tenders

29.11.2021 14:45  Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Services Co. (ERMAS)
04.11.2021 07:00  Supply of refuse collection vehicles to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund, the vehicles to be ready for use in 2 consignments within 14 months and 17 months from the contract date.
24.11.2021 11:15  Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Services Co. (ERMAS)
24.11.2021 09:45  Ministry of Transport, Egyptian National Railways purchases and stores Department
24.11.2021 09:45  Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Services Co. (ERMAS), Subsidiary of Egyptian National Railways, Document number 1537276082.1789 Publication date 18.09.2018 Country Egypt Deadline 26.09.2018 Document 8 - Other CPV code 00000000 - Other NUTS code Main activity Text ERMAS-TENDER 14.18 Supply Mechanical Spare Parts (Radiators, Bogies, Assembly and Disassembly) The bid closing date for bidders to submit their offers is: 26/09/2018 (12 p.m., Cairo local time) instead of 16/09/2018 Attachments 1537276082.1789_0.pdf
16.11.2021 11:45  Ministry of Transport, Egyptian National Railways purchases and stores Department
03.11.2021 09:45  Supply of Major Pump to the Fire Services Department
08.11.2021 08:45  Supply of Newly Designed Litter Containers and Mega Event Bins for Field Trial to the Environmental Protection Department
08.11.2021 08:15  Provision of Services for Smart Balance to Implement Pilot Programme on Smart Recycling System (2nd Phase) in Hong Kong
08.11.2021 07:30  Island West and Island East Transfer Stations Second Follow-on Contract – Public Works Programme Item No. 185DR
08.11.2021 07:00  Supply of electrical compact shelving systems to the Hong Kong Central Library Reserve Stack of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the systems to be ready for use in 2 phases within 8 months and 14 months from the contract date.
08.11.2021 07:00  Supply of desktop workstation computers and provision of related services to the Civil Engineering and Development Department, the goods to be ready for use within 7 weeks from the date of order.

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